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The Invisible Store of Happiness - Laura Ellen Bacon

The Invisible Store of Happiness 

A collaboration between Laura Ellen Bacon and Sebastian Cox
St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell. 2015
American Maple and American Cherry.

This project was commissioned by the American Hardwood Export Council for Clerkenwell Design Week in 2015 and later extended and evolved as an additional project called ‘Along the Lines of Happiness’ within Milan Design Week, 2016.

Sebastian Cox (award-winning furniture designer and maker) and Laura Ellen Bacon collaborated in both design and making processes to create this enclosed, sculptural form.

Ethereal and almost cabinet-like in its stance, The Invisible Store of Happiness measured 4 metres in length and was created to celebrate the joy of making. The process of encapsulating a maker’s inherent joy of making (invisible to the eye but infused into the work) was a little like trying to bottle a perfume. Notably using steam-bending, the structure was built using a combination of very precise structural techniques with contrasting tactile processes that demand hand and eye coordination, resulting in a strong but expressive work.

Project documented here: