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Split Forms - Laura Ellen Bacon

Split Forms

Split Forms
New Art Centre, Wiltshire
Dicky Meadows willow

Curated by Sarah Griffin, Split Forms were created in early 2012 for ‘the nature of things’, an exhibition at The Artists’ House, at New Art Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire, which also featured the work of Hans Stofer and Jennifer Lee.

Split Forms were created on site over two months using a variety of willow called ‘Dicky Meadows’. Whilst the forms have an impact from the outside of the building, they were also designed to have a presence inside the building with their muscular forms pressing themselves up to the glass. From the first floor windows, visitors could ‘creep up on’ the pieces from the ‘safety’ of the interior and witness the tiny spiders webs spun amongst the weave.

The text below is an extract taken from the exhibition leaflet, written by curator, Sarah Griffin:

“This is the second in a series of design shows in the Artists’ House. Here, the allocation of function in the architecture dictates the layout and content of the exhibition. The monumental and uncanny willow forms by Laura Ellen Bacon dominate the double elevation of the exterior of the house. Her sculptures identify its scale and architectural character – dramatically organic against the backdrop of modernist rigour.”

Sarah Griffin