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Rooted in Instinct (solo exhibition) - Laura Ellen Bacon

Rooted in Instinct

(solo exhibition)

National Centre for Craft and Design
until January 14th 2018
includes 3 works, A New Presence, The Thicket Inside and The Shape of First Thoughts.

A New Presence is Laura’s first experimental endeavour to explore thatch and its accumulative process. Selected diary excerpts that describe the process and future ideas are detailed in the ‘Writing’ page of this website.

This experimental work was funded by Arts Council England as part of a Grants for the Arts award.

The Thicket Inside (one of three works within the exhibition Rooted in Instinct at NCCD) is about the immersive experience of making. Made of thousands of hand-tied knots and curls of willow, the resulting ‘thicket’ demonstrates the frenzied repetition and labour involved during the sculptor’s immersion of making and the calm untangling of ideas and the satisfaction of ‘gently burrowing’ into a sculpted space.

The Shape of First Thoughts was initially inspired by natural phenomena such as snowdrifts and sand dunes. The layered forms reveal the sculptor’s satisfaction in a sense of accumulation and repetition.