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Lingering (In the Old Kitchen) - Laura Ellen Bacon

Lingering (In the Old Kitchen)

The Old Kitchen, Barrington Court, Somerset
For Make the Most, Somerset Art Week

An installation in the Old Kitchen at the National Trust’s, Barrington Court in Somerset, as part of a wider project called Make the Most: a Trust New Art exhibition, initiated by Somerset Art Works and curated by Craftspace.

Filmed over the course of 3 weeks in the summer of 2013

“My goal for Lingering (In the Old Kitchen) was to abstractly communicate something of the character of the Old Kitchen and to speak of the material too, which is local Somerset willow.

The Old Kitchen gives little away about the finer detail of its previous use.  The fireplace at the end of the room dominates the space and makes us imagine its radiant heat and the itinerary of ongoing manual tasks that would be reliant upon the flames.  On entering the Old Kitchen for the first time, I immediately felt that I wanted to create a work that hung within the atmosphere, putting back the layers of time and the evidence of the human hand that worked so diligently within them.

The work is made of relatively frail layers of willow that hang in the space, each layer made of willow that is curled and knotted, formed and tied.  These small knots and curls accumulate until the space is entirely full, filled with a ‘fog’ of knots and curls that can be walked within and viewed in detail.

Showing the presence of every knot, every placement of hand, every layer these tiny, honest details make up the overall

mass, combined with the soft, woody aroma which occupies and disorientates the senses. I have aspired to create a heightened  sense of place with its unseen memory of tasks, repetitive and hard, fragrant and laborious that hang within the space.”