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Exposed - Laura Ellen Bacon


Blackwell, The Arts and Crafts House, Cumbria
Flanders Red willow

An installation in two parts – one part upon the building and the second on the garden wall.

“Greatly inspired by the calm of the Arts and Crafts interior and the contrasting wild, open landscape, I wanted these two pieces to express their ‘exposure’ in their exterior setting. From the peaceful, White Drawing Room, the exposed position of Blackwell is majestically revealed, with huge sweeping views across Lake Windermere and beyond. Although the interior of the house is comfortable and serene, the natural world looms outside in a mixed state of permanence, transience, fragility and strength. I felt that anything that ‘placed itself’ onto the house was doing so in quite a bold way, so the forms were designed to appear as if they were growing purposely from the house itself, whilst being vulnerable to the elemental forces that surround them. The deep ‘cracks’ in the surface are intended to suggest that the work is weathered and also pay a little homage to the linear and curvaceous designs of the stained glass below.”

Curated by the Lakeland Arts Trust