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British Sculptor, Land Art, Willow, Sculpture - Laura Ellen Bacon
  • Laid - solo exhibition,

    Harley Gallery until 7th October 2018. Photo by Alun Callender
  • Rooted in Instinct (solo exhibition),

    National Centre for Craft and Design, 2017. Photo by Alun Callender
  • Spatial Place

    COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery 2013
  • Murmuration

    The Holburne Museum, 2015. Nick Smith Photography
  • Split Forms

    New Art Centre, 2012
  • Exposed

    Blackwell - The Arts and Crafts House, 2012
  • Form of Intrigue

    for Sotheby's exhibition, Material Worlds. 2011
  • Inundation

    Ruthin Craft Centre, 2014. Photo by Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
  • Course

    Hall Place, 2015. Photo by Steve Hickey


The sculptural artwork of Laura Ellen Bacon uses natural materials and spans the genres of craft, land art and sculpture.

“To find someone doing something so imaginative and original is quite rare. She just really understands nature and how to emulate it.”

Janice Blackburn,

“It seems impossible to look at Bacon’s sculptures without asking how they have been made. Their apparent simplicity of form is deceptive and we see on closer inspection that they consist of a complicated system of knots and weaves, allowing us to consider their inner structure as well as their outward appearance in much the same way as we regard the pierced, hollow forms of Hepworth and Moore.

They have a powerful and muscular – if not ominous – presence, with each willow stick creating a distinctly taut and sinewy appearance. They enthral and inspire wonder, not only for their size and intricacy, but because no one looking at them can ever quite believe that Laura Ellen works alone or that she achieves such great speed.

Ultimately she takes mundane materials and traditional methods to create something strange, beautiful and compelling.”

Stephen Feeke,
Director, New Art Centre, Roche Court

Where to See

Basketry – Function and Ornament

Until 13th October 2019
Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales